sobota, 4 lipca 2015

At the construction side - day 4

What we saw Thursday at the construction site, was very optimistic. 
The foundation of the first bungalow is ready!
At the beginning  of the plot, workers are  digging the foundations of the staff building. There will be rooms for staff and storage space.
Owing to the nature of the substrate - coral origin rock, digging the foundations  is a very hard work. Workers using the hammer and chisel extract piece by piece the fragments of rocks. These extracted fragments are used to build the foundations of the bungalow.
The workers work in flip flops, and some even barefoot! It's  amazing, considering that the base surface is uneven, rough, with protruding roots. And the used tools are sharp and dangerous.
An additional difficulty is the fact that just lasts Ramadan, the  9th month of the Islamic calendar. During the month of Ramadan from dawn to dusk Muslim above 10 years of age are not permitted to consume any foods, drink any beverages, smoke, use of cosmetics, have sex. At this time you must not lie to Allah, the Prophet and his alternates. A lot of the time you spend praying. The last meal before the next day of fasting Muslims eat before dawn. From the moment when they hear the call to morning prayer of Fajr, they  refrain from further food and drink. Until dusk.

For the followers of other religions it’s hard to imagine  how you can operate for many hours in sweat without a sip of water and food.

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