wtorek, 6 czerwca 2017

The rainy season

The rainy season on Zanzibar usually begins in the second half of March and ends in May, but as it often is when it comes to weather forecasts you can never be exact or sure. However, this year the first big rainfalls appeared at the end of March and finished few day ago.

 I guess packing raincoats for your African holidays would probably be a little disheartening, so I'm about to cheer you up. Even the hundreds of  litres of water pouring down from the sky, can't do much to lower the tropical temperature - it usually stays around 26-28 degrees Celsius, paired with huge humidity. The ocean is even hotter than usually, becoming the perfect place to wait out the rain, probably an experience you've never had before. That's why of any waterproof gadgets we recommend umbrellas the most, or if you want to be super eco- friendly, huge banana leaves can also do the work.

The rain isn't relentless, but sometimes it can last up to 2 days non-stop. For that possibility it's best to be equipped in books and plenty of patience and willingness to relax rather than sight see. Other days, though it rains for only an hour or two, and when the sun comes out you are rewarded for all the time spent looking at the dark blue sky blurring into one with the ocean. The sunbeams enlighten the fresh green tropical flora, making the raindrops look like tiny glistering diamonds. The colorful flowers can finally fully flourish revived by the beatific rain.

The rainy season is crucial for our garden to bloom and evolve into its full magnificence. It's only the first time for our plants and flowers to experience it, and the improvement is undeniable and definitely worth of those few days when it's impossible to get suntanned. The green leaves complimented with red and yellow flowers make for a beautiful natural composition, able to entrance anyone. 

piątek, 19 maja 2017


This amazing experience is definiteley worth to wake up early in morning! 

The islanders have a different way of counting time.
Sunrise marks the beginning of the day. This is 0.00 o’clock Swahili time (equal to 6 a.m. European time). 1 a.m. Swahili time equals 7 a.m. European and so on, until 12 a.m. Swahili (equal to 6 p.m. European time). This is when it gets dark and the Swahili time goes to 1 p.m., which is 7 p.m. European. 
Making appointments with the locals, always remember to be specific which clock you are referring to!

sobota, 22 kwietnia 2017

April 23th 2017 - Marafiki Bungalows is 4 months old

I proudly present Marafiki Bungalows, how it looks like today!

We are the happy owners of the most beautifully located swimming pool on the island! 
You can enjoy the breathtaking view with a drink in your hand. Come to try our banana milkshake or Pinacolada!